Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday Meal Prep

WHERE does the weekend go? Seriously… weekends at home are so busy anymore, it makes it hard to throw anything fun in the mix because everything at home seems to fall behind… but the fun stuff is worth it!
Last weekend was pretty busy, so I didn’t get to do as much of my meal prep as I like to do normally. Meal prep is great because it keeps me from blindly grabbing things out of the fridge in a rush in the mornings before work and better yet, it keeps me from eating out too much. So, while it’s a couple hours of WORK on a Sunday, I actually really enjoy doing it and it keeps me on track throughout the week.
I just started prepping my own food for the whole week at a time… so honestly, I don’t have a whole lot of variety just yet. Also, my little family doesn’t really like the same stuff I do, so I usually make them something quick and as healthy as I can get with them as they are pretty picky eaters : /
I normally prep snacks and my protein shakes (which I blend up w/ ice, strawberries and bananas) in the mornings as I go… so the stuff I do on Sunday is normally mostly lunches and dinners… and I keep it pretty simple.
This past Sunday I prepped ground turkey taco salads
Sunday Meal Prep-12
With homemade salsa
Sunday Meal Prep-4
Sunday Meal Prep-5
Egg white cups
Sunday Meal Prep-6Sunday Meal Prep-7Sunday Meal Prep-8Sunday Meal Prep-14
Spaghetti squash with chorizo chicken sausage
Sunday Meal Prep
Sunday Meal Prep-11
And roasted almonds with cocoa, cinnamon and a little coconut oil (recipe to follow!)
Sunday Meal Prep-9Sunday Meal Prep-10Sunday Meal Prep-15
All with help from my little helper…
Sunday Meal Prep-2

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